I am Milo.

About Milo

Milo was born in Prague in 1970 and made his first painting at the age of three. By the age of four he was finished with painting and tried his hands in carving. At the age of five, hands badly wounded, he decided to give up art and to become an architect/engineer. With money stolen from his parents he purchased large sketchbooks, but the books laid unopened and hidden for years. As teenage years approached, it appeared that his hands were more capable than his mind and the family forced Milo to attend an art college. For some time Milo refused to make anything beautiful to prove how proficient he was in the art of thinking. In the end, his urge to make ideas physical became overwhelming and as he explains... "I decided that a beauty of an object could never withhold a brilliant idea."

Team Work

Working in a team environment has become a popular technique but researchers have generally failed to find evidence of its effectiveness for enhancing either quantity or quality of ideas generated. Because of such problems as distraction, social loafing, evaluation apprehension, and production blocking, team groups are actually less effective than individuals working independently. That's why I work alone.

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Creative Work

Warning: My creative work has very slippery bonderies. Proceed only if you are an adult, have a sound mind, and the curiosity is killing you.